• Spartacus - Ambilobe

    He’s two years old excellent breeder easy to handle eats everything produces excellent chameleons!

  • Ambanja Sub Adult Male

    11 months old Bobs his head just find that females very easy to handle

  • Ambilobe 9 Months

    This yellow body blue bar is going to be stellar!

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Over 20 Years Experience

So it all began in a pet shop, one of those pet shops that you and i walk into and fall in love with the animals around you.That was the case with Mike and Eric Thompson. Catching his first snake when he was ten and hiding it in his mom’s Tupperware, Eric had fallen in love. A love which eventually blossomed into a shop that people could come in and create their own reptile passion. For Mike , one of those people, his love that of the chameleon had come to the right place. Mike always loved reptiles but the one that caught his eye the most was the panther chameleon a beautiful animal that really had not been seen on the market. But Mike set out to change that, so he took a trip to the pet shop where he knew he could get not only the right animal but the right knowledge. He definitely found the right animal but not the knowledge he was expecting. Eric had told him that they were a difficult species to take care of and keep alive. You would think that this would be it and that Mike would just throw in the towel; but just the opposite happened. He bought that animal and was able to not only keep it alive but make it breed. Eric was intrigued that this man he thought would kill the panther returned to buy more to add to his collection.Eventually this shop customer relationship bloomed into what is now one of the most successful chameleon projects on the market today, Chameleons 101!

Chameleons for sale, Chameleons, Chameleon Breeders, Respected Chameleon Breeders This is the first and last website you will ever need to visit when it comes to chameleons! As you browse through our site feel comforted in knowing that we have over 20 years worth of experience in keeping and breeding Chameleons. We have a top of the line breeding facility that has been on top of the world in chameleon breeding for many years and still continues to do so. We are constantly perfecting our techniques, improving our bloodlines and only supply the healthiest of animals that produce some of the most beautiful animals on the market today! We love each and every animal and are very passionate about what we do, their health and well being is paramount and this extends through to our after sales service. We are always available to help with any of your questions or needs. Look around, have some fun and fall in love just like we did the first time we laid eyes on a Panther Chameleon, many years ago…